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Best Practices: Creating an LGBT-inclusive School Climate

Schools are places of learning and also miniature societies. The climate of a school has a direct impact on both how well students learn and how well they interact with their peers. Teachers and administrators work hard to make their classrooms welcoming places where each student feels included. ...

Why Teachers Need to Be Diversified

Cultural Diversity amongst Students: More racial minorities enter the education system every year. Yet racial diversity amongst teachers remains a thing in constant fluctuation. If students in public and private schools are becoming more culturally diversified, doesn't it make sense that teachers do the same?:

Jeopardizes Academic Performance – A report released by the National Education Association (NEA) entitled, "Time for a Change: Diversity in Teaching Revisited" urges for diversification in the teaching community, arguing that it affects students' academic standings. ...

Benefits of Being a Teaching Assistant

You know that you want a career in teaching, but for now you're stuck with offers for a position as an assistant in an elementary or middle school setting. Why take a job that appears somewhat degrading in comparison to the position you covet? After reading the advantages that accompany acting as the assistant that are listed below, you'll be asking yourself something a little different: why not?

Intimate relationship with students:

Teaching assistants are frequently hired to either be the helping hand of a crowded classroom or to personally attend to those students who struggle more than others. ...

Top Ten Resume Tips

These are some of the top tips and tricks you should think before your resume goes out.
1.      Grammar, Typos, and Spelling
Check your resume for correct grammar and spelling, and then check it again. A potential employer will not want to hire someone who cannot correctly proofread their resume for errors before handing it in. ...