Networking and the Law of Attraction


The Law of Attraction states that your experiences in life are shaped entirely by you. You are in control of who and what you do and do not attract. Without going into the science behind it, the fundamental rule of the Law of Attraction is, that like attracts like, so in order to attract what we want, we must become it. We must become it and we must believe it, so our subconscious takes this on as our new reality. Once we have become what we want to attract, we will receive it.


It’s possible to apply these basic principles to networking to ensure that we connect with the people we are looking to meet. Even if you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction, the following points still make for very effective networking.


Walk the walk


To attract a certain type of person, they need to see themselves in you. For example, to connect with the most professional people, you need to look like one of them. If you turn up to a big business event and want to speak to the company directors, act like them. Are these people at the centre of conversations? That’s where you need to be. Do they exude confidence? Stop waiting in the shadows hoping someone will come and talk to you and get out there and own the room. If you are confident and approachable, those type of people will come.


Talk the talk


Know your stuff. Talk about what you do and your expertise and you will attract similar people. If you are knowledgeable and interesting, this is what you will attract. Similarly, if you stand in the corner of the room, hiding behind your coffee cup, you will soon find yourself in a small group of people doing the same.


Dress to impress


Dressing as smart as possible is usually good advice but it really depends on who you are trying to attract. Sometimes being very business-like can be intimidating so just ensure that whatever you pick is in-line with the people you want to meet. The more a person can identify with you, the more likely they are to connect with you.


Positive vibes


The Law of Attraction is about carving your own reality. What you think, you become. Therefore, it makes good sense to approach networking with a positive attitude. If you do the opposite and start your networking with the negative attitude that you won’t meet anyone noteworthy, this is likely to be your reality. You won’t actively seek out the people you’re looking to speak to and you will end up proving yourself right. Enter an event however, with the goal of finding someone to connect with and believing you will and your sub-conscious will take this on board and you will make it happen.




Approach networking by putting yourself on the level of the person you want to connect with. It really is that simple. Get out there and take responsibility for creating exactly what you want by starting with meeting the people who are going to help you get there.




By Nikki Vivian, Career Coach