Alternatives To Teaching: 20 Companies That Hire Teachers


If you want to stay in education, you can find different roles outside of the classroom.

What can you do with an education degree? If you’ve ever said the words, “I want to quit teaching,” this list of companies outside the classroom may be a great place to begin your research.

What other jobs can teachers do? At some point in our lives, we all need alternatives-to everything. When we look at making a change in our lives, we must focus on something new, and this is where alternative energy, self-reflection and risk-taking comes into our lives.

As an educator, you are the most important person in a classroom. Teaching is one of the most noble professions. You make a difference. This article was written out of demand from those who want to change careers.

Please note, I am an advocate for teachers. However, I believe that if a teacher is not happy in the classroom, the students are not happy. Thus, it is time to look into alternatives to classroom teaching.

Therefore, if you are looking for alternatives to teaching, this can be a high-level place to begin.

The skills teachers acquire are in high-demand and they are also transferable to a host of occupations. If you teach, you have alternatives. You can create courses, train, advise, write and still make a difference. Below are some companies that can be considered non teaching jobs in education. 

Alternatives to teaching: companies that hire those with an education background or degree: Non teaching jobs in education

The New Teacher Project
Edison Learning

Learning Resources
Encyclopedia Britannica
West Ed

NLU McCormick Center for Early Childhood
Language Stars
Teach For America
Clarity Consultants
Connections Academy
Boardwork Education 



By Robyn Shulman