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Help Wanted: Teacher-Shortage Hot Spots

Teacher shortages became a major story in some states last school year, and they have continued to make headlines across the country this summer, with districts struggling to fill hundreds of openings as classes begin.
While the overall U. ...
Mar 22

Districts struggle to keep teachers

Minnesota's teachers are leaving the profession in alarming numbers, according to a recent study. Student debt, low pay and a negative perception all contribute to the problem.


It's long been known that fewer people are becoming teachers. ...
Mar 13

How I learned my own value as a black male teacher

Editor’s Note: Black males represent roughly 2 percent of all public school teachers in the U.S. While nonwhite educators are being hired at a higher proportional rate than white teachers, they’re also leaving the teaching profession at a higher rate, according to a 2015 report from the Albert Shanker Institute. ...
Mar 9

From Teacher to Principal: A Look at the Typical Pathway

The career path to the principalship has been a fairly rigid one. Only in the past decade or so has the field seen some important changes in who makes it to a school’s top job—and how.

Nearly all principals start their education career in the classroom. ...
Feb 27

5 Benefits of Outdoor Education

Outdoor School (ODS) is a three-day environmental education program for sixth-grade students. It's the capstone to a year spent studying about our local ecosystems, northern climate systems, and cultural universals with an in-depth study of native peoples of the Arctic. ...
Feb 23

Mass. teachers far less diverse than students

The Massachusetts public school student population has grown increasingly diverse in recent years, but the state’s teaching force has remained overwhelmingly white — a worrisome mismatch that, studies show, reduces minority student performance. ...
Feb 20

Take a vacation without ruining your work life: 4 tips to enjoy stress-free time off

Time away from the office during the holiday season, or any time of the year really, is a wonderful thing
Time away from the office during the holiday season, or any time of the year really, is a wonderful thing. New sights, old friends and rejuvenation await! Unfortunately, the shadow cast by any vacation is the dreaded heap of work (and begrudging, overworked co-workers) that so often await your return. ...
Feb 14

School choice should not ignore diversity

A recent News article provided an excellent analysis of school-choice policies in South Carolina. However, one point deserves greater mention: diversity.
Diversity is not a new topic in education. In fact, distrust of diversity has been a lamentable refrain throughout U.S. ...
Feb 6

Outgoing Education Secretary John B. King On Just What's At Stake

It is striking to encounter a public official who speaks of someone guilty of murder not as a thug, predator, or unredeemable criminal, but instead as a child in a classroom. By transforming Herman's killer into a vulnerable kindergartener, King encourages us to take responsibility for Herman's death as well. ...
Feb 2

He seeks more black men to teach in Philly and beyond

Sharif El-Mekki vividly recalls every black male teacher who ever taught him: two in elementary school, two in high school.
"They were transformative figures in my life," said El-Mekki, a veteran Philadelphia educator.
For 2017, El-Mekki has a goal to organize 1,000 black men to show up for the first day of school, encouraging city youths to be their best. ...
Jan 23